The Healthy Elder Male

75 year old

Older adults still need the same amounts of nutrients and the younger ones, but lesser amount of energy is needed. Meeting the nutrient guidelines stated in the My Pyramid without exceeding the kcal needs means choosing nutrient rich foods from each food group. To make sure these foods are eaten, they should be easy to prepare and look appealing.

Older adults should consume 6 ounces of grains, 2½ cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruit, 3 cups milk, and 5½ ounces of meat and beans everyday.
Hard and crunchy vegetables should be steamed to make them softer for easier chewing, swallowing, and digestion.

A Calcium supplement may be needed, especially in women, because it is difficult to meet the recommendation of 1200 mg of calcium without exceeding the energy needs.

Older Adults need plenty of fluids everyday. Recommended water intake is the same as the younger ones, but certain changes make this difficult to achieve. There is a reduction of the sense of thirst. Kidneys aren’t as efficient at conserving water, so more water is lost during urination and must be replaced.

An example of a well balanced diet for the 75-year-old male is as follows:Breakfast

¼ Cup Whole Grain Cereal
½ Cup Grapes (16 Grapes)
1 Banana
½ Cup Orange Juice
1 Hard Boiled Eggs
½ Cup Low/Fat Free Milk


1 Ounce Tuna fish on 2 slices of Whole Grain Bread w/1 Leaf Lettuce & a slice of Tomato (Condiments may include Mayo).
¼ Cup Apple Sauce
½ Cup Low/Fat Free Milk

Afternoon Snacks

1 Yoplait Light Yogurt (Low Fat) (6 ounces = ¾ Cup)
½ Cup Steamed Carrots
1 Apple (Sliced)
½ Cup Low/Fat Free Milk


3½ ounces grilled skinless/Boneless Chicken
½ Cup Steamed Green Beans
2 Whole Grain Dinner Rolls w/pat of butter or spread
¼ Cup Mashed Potatoes w/pat of butter or spread
½ Cup Low Fat Free Milk

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