Why Does Your Knee Snap and Pop? by: Howard J. Luks, MD

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Why Does Your Knee Snap and Pop?

Snapping and popping knees bring many patients in the door. Some patients have painful snapping of their knee and some simply have snapping with no pain. Some patients note a history of trauma, some do not recall any injury. While not all cases of knee popping require treatment, some do. Let’s explore what are some of the more common reasons that our knees will snap and pop.

What Makes Our Knees Snap and Pop?

Our knee joint is composed of three bones — the end of the femur or thigh bone; the top of the tibia or shin bone, and the patella, or kneecap. The knee is supported or held together by a number of ligaments. The knee moves because of a number of large strong muscles and tendons. The force across the knee is borne by the medial and lateral menisci, which are two cartilage discs that protect the cartilage surfaces of our knees.

All of these structures can be damaged by activity, trauma, injury or simple degeneration. Many injuries to the knee structures mentioned above can causes snapping and popping of your knee.

Most common reasons your knees pop or snap:

Meniscus tears
Cartilage Defects
Patella Instability
Osteoarthritis Continue reading

My Shoulder Snaps and Pops and I Hear Clicking … Why? by Howard J. Luks, MD

Click on Photo to go to the Howard Luks, MD website for more information.

Click on Photo to go to the Howard Luks, MD website for more information.

Snapping Shoulder

Shoulder snapping and poppingShoulder snapping or popping is a very common issue— it is so common that this is one of the most frequently searched topics on my website. I see between 5-10 patients a week who are simply in my office because they want to know – Why my shoulder snaps and pops?

The shoulder is a very complex joint composed of bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and two different linings we call the synovium and the bursa. If any of these structures are injured, the smoothly functioning shoulder can pop, snap or click. These “injuries” can be simply due to everyday use, chronic repetitive stress of sports or because of a significant trauma, fall or accident. The most common cause of rotator cuff related pain and popping is rotator cuff tendinosis

Should I be worried if my shoulder pops?

Most of the time the clicking or snapping is due to everyday use and changes that occur naturally within our joints. As we age this causes some of the surfaces to roughen —thus when they rub against one another they will snap, click, or pop within the shoulder. In the majority of circumstances snapping or clicking of the shoulder is not an issue to worry about. Painless clicking and popping usually does not require any treatment at all. Once I see you for your shoulder examination many of you have tried various remedies. I’ve seen many of you try Glucosamine , and Hyaluronic Acid to try and “smooth” things out. Additionally, many of you have tried Tart Cherry Juice as a natural anti-inflammatory. Sometimes you report these supplements worked… but most of the time I do not hear favorable recommendations. Many of you have also tried a shoulder brace or compression sleeve — but generally find these to be cumbersome. Continue reading